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Main Description


My love for the healing of the body and the energy that surrounds us, started back in my early age and my juvenile concerns. The excessive love to my father, who was then suffering from back pains and my two childish hands that wanted to take them away, did more harm than good.

From the age of 12, I started attending my father’s healing sessions with a practitioner and exquisite person, who had soon recognized the talent and the energy strength that derived from within me. Thus, having identified this calling, he started fueling me with information and teaching me techniques to relieve the pressure of the body.

The first and foremost information of all, was to learn to centralize the energy to the problem. In fact, he had told me “Bring your head down to your fingers and achieve the ultimate pranic session”.

I then started concentrating and using my energy in a positive way. I started professional pranic healing in 2004, having attended several seminars dealing with every type of massage and soul.

I started working with physiotherapists in Athens. I then worked in VIP yachts. Until I landed to the beautiful Mykonos, where I live and work for the last 10 years.

I have travelled enough and met several types of therapies for demanding people, enthusiasts of massage and relaxation.

My kind of philosophy is that life consists of moments of relaxation and ambience, which we should all offer to ourselves. We have to treat ourselves as kings!

Many beautiful moments, constitute for a beautiful, successful and happy life! So,relax and enjoy the moment!

Pigi Garoufali